Matomo 3.3.0, Administration, Websites, Manage keeps loading

Updated to Matomo 3.3.0 and in the Administration, Websites, Manage menu it shows, you have access to ? websites and it keeps on loading data without showing anything.

php.ini memory limit is + 300MB, completely re-installed with new, empty database and problem persists. Searched forum, but can’t seem to find anything.

Can anyone help?



Can you check your browsers developer tools for an error message?

Thank you for responding!

I see 2 errors:


Is it possible that you missed an ? between /piwik/ and action=?
But even with it I get a 404 which shouldn’t happen. The same path returns something useful for me and on

Can you check in your web server and php error log why a 404 is returned?
As you have installed Matomo in a sub directory, is it possible that a .htaccess from the root directory is interfering?

Nope, I don’t think that’s it, if you try to access just index.php you are reaching the Matomo front end, so .htaccess is not interfering here.
I’d suggest looking into the user rights / websites assigning table of the Matomo installation, if you were able to access your stats before (you said you updated, so I assume you have not installed freshly),
then something might have struck the access rights per user. That would explain why you can’t retrieve the desired list of accessible domains, and why the scripts fails unhandled. Just a pointer, maybe that helps.

Wow, thanks! The .htaccess file in the root was indeed the problem! I have some new plugins installed that write to the .htaccess file that apparently cause this issue. Most likely something like iThemes Security, but I should be able to figure that one out now.

Thanks again!

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