Matomo 3.10.0: Incompatible premium plugins [SOLVED]

I just want to inform you that on my Matomo 3.10.0 installation the following premium plugins are not compatible anymore:

  • Custom Dimensions
  • HeatmapSessionRecording
  • IntranetGeoIP

The message I get is the following:

The following plugins are not compatible with Matomo 3.10.0 and could not be loaded: CustomDimensions, HeatmapSessionRecording, IntranetGeoIP.
You can update or uninstall these plugins on the Manage Plugins page.

But at the moment no updates are available on the Manage Plugins page…

So in case you need these plugins wait with the update until an update for them is available.

Hi there,

Can you please tell us the steps to recreate this issue? Did you just upgrade your Matomo and then received this message?


Hi Jason,
thank you for your answer. I did the following:

  1. Followed the instructions given in
  2. Did the Upgrade-Command on Console.
  3. Reload the page.and went to the settings section.
    There I got (and still get) the following warning:

Maybe this could be interesting for you to know:
The installation is in the intranet and still uses the http protocol.

In case you need more information I will be happy to provide you more.

Thank you for investigating this.

Kind regards


Hi again,

I now found out what the problem caused:
As I replaced my old 3.9.1 installation completely with the new 3.10.0 (and only saved the config.ini.php)
I also replaced the plugins folder with the one from matomo 3.10.0. As this naturally includes only the plugins which are not premium I missed them but in the config they were mentioned as installed ==> hence the message I mentionend above.

The solution then was that I clicked the “Uninstall” link in the “Manage Plugins” page and then reinstalled them from the market place. After that everything was smooth like before.

Thank you for taking time to read my post and thank you Jason for giving me the right direction to sort this issue out :slight_smile:


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