Matmo for Moodle with Analytics plugin and multiple frontends

Hey Folks :slight_smile:

We are a school and we use Moodle. We wanted some analytics from this, and was recommended Matomo. Matomo looks really good so we decided to installed a local server instance, because we want keep as much data in-house as possible.
To get Moodle to give up all its data we installed the Analytics plugin that you advertise on your site. This seemed to work perfectly, in the beginning, but after a couple of months of data-collection it looks like its not collecting everything.
Our Moodle instance is running with two frontends and a Nginx working as a loadbalancer, and it seems like its only collecting from one of our frontends. The plugin is installed on both Moodle instances and both Moodle instances share a database.

I’ve been looking around and i can’t find anything about multiple frontends on a Moodle instance with the Analytics plugin.

Hopefully someone can at least point in some direction of where i have to look, because i’m pretty stuck.


Matomo; 3.13.0
Moodle; 3.7.1
Analytics plugin; 1.6

Best regards