Matched visitor ID from cookie with DB

So we are trying to record the visitor ID as a hidden form field on a site, that way the form submission has the associated visitor ID in it.

What we are seeing is the cookied ID shows one value, and that value does not exist in the DB

and select * from matomo_log_visit where lower(conv(hex(idvisitor), 16, 16)) = 'bff66ac7e6c3fd41'
returns zero records.
Using my IP address I am able to find my visit and the idvisitor value is “8b6fc12d78608cac”
I can refresh the page and that cookied value is what is getting transmitted in the tracker, but the DB retains a different value.
How to I match those up?

Hi @Cade_Moore

Probably Matomo is encoding this value for privacy reasons…
You may use visitor ID instead… But remember privacy! (the visitor ID needs some user consent)