Mark specific dates in Matomo?

Hi. I have a website, where user can register. We also have projects, which start at a specific date. I need a way to see a chart, where i get the dates of projectstarts and then for each date all registrations for the following 3 days. Is this possible? Or do I have to build this at my own via API? I already use the API and have some Infos direct in our system. I just want to ask if mark a day is possible in matomo.

Matomo’s Annotations feature allows you to add notes to specific dates on your data charts. You can use this feature to mark the dates of project starts.

However, please note that annotations are primarily intended for adding context to your data. They don’t directly allow you to filter or segment the data to show only the user registrations for the three days following each marked date.

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I think i will use this feature and then build also another little page, with the main information i need, that I build with api. thx @TomCz

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