Mark / disable incoming traffic from redirected page (by goal?)

I’ve got a bit complicated situation, and I’m not sure if I can use goals to track such traffic.

Situation: there are some links to websites which do not exist anymore, but domains are still alive If somebody clicks such link, typically he should see a website configured under a vhost, but if such vhost doesn’t exist, he’s redirected permanently to my website.

Problematic situation is that I see incoming traffic from pages, which do not contain a direct link to my website. And I’d like to know if a visitor who clicked such link has been redirected from non existing vhost to my website.

I have completely no ideas how can I disable tracking from such redirected URLs or at least mark such hits with a flag only by using piwik (without preparing a php page along with using double redirects, as mine programming skills are slightly below zero).

Is it even possible with P1.6 ?

Maybe you have some better ideas, like creating a stand alone page with information about non existing vhost instead of 301 redirect.
But how to track such traffic, by adding a goal ?

Does the redirection add a referrer ?

Does the redirection add a referrer ?[/quote]

yes, referrer is being kept and shows up in piwik