Mark CloudFlare bot, as a bot

Hi all,

I’ve noticed the CloudFlare AlwaysOnline bot keeps coming up as an actual visit in my Piwik install.

Now this is easy to get around when I’m importing my logs since I can just tag it as a bot in the command line by using the --exclude-user tag but how can I tag it in a install that uses the JS tracking tag? Is there a way?

Any information would be greatly appreciated!


I would add the user agent to the list of agents to exclude from tracking. Go to settings -> websites and check below the list of sites.


Awesome! I didn’t even know that option existed.

Perhaps this should be considered about being placed in the code base? Since it is a bot really, and should be counted as such.

Thanks for suggestion, added CloudFlare to excluded bots: Adding CloudFlare to list of excluded bots · matomo-org/matomo@66435d5 · GitHub