Mark a visitor as non-visitor

I don’t know if it’s already available, but if not I think it would be a good suggestion to be able to both remove a visit from the stats and also add a name to a visitor profile.

I often test my site from different devices which means that sometimes I log a visit which is actually myself. I would like to be able to mark that as myself so it doesn’t get included in statistics. I know that there is a cookie available but it’s not always appropriate or convenient to add this to everything, including other peoples browsers.

I am a photographer and my site contains images which people look at to get an idea of what they want. I can often tell who visited a certain page by tracking messages sent through the contact form, but it would be useful to add a name so in the future I can look back at what information they have looked at on the site and what images they previewed already.

Hi there, Please post comment in the issue: Let me delete Visitors from Visitor Log (and undo it) · Issue #3385 · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub

Seeing as that issue has been opened for two years I don’t understand what additional comments will achieve.

It’s either going to be developed or it isn’t?

There are 800 open issues, we fix about 50-70 per months, if people like you comment on the issue then at some point we schedule the issue because we care about what community and Piwik users think and want.