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At the moment I am researching the possibility to create a maps plugin with some basic functions I would like to know which features the community would like to see. The plugin will depend on the GeoIP plugin which is already available.

Possible Features:

Heatmap (Will show circles on the Map which will represent the density of visitors from that area)
Markers Map (Will show a marker for each area with some detailed info of the visitors)
Live! Map (Will show the live visitors on a website)

All the none Live features will rely on the selectors that already are integrated in Piwik so that you can select if a map should be filled with information from a specific day or week.

The map will probably rely on a Flash version of either the Google Maps API or the Yahoo Maps API this to give the ability to animate Live visitors. Which map would you prefer?

And what feature would you like to see in a Map plugin?

A little side note this topic is only to get a clear picture of what are the most important features I am not 100% sure if I will start this plugin or in what timespan you could expect the first version.

A great way to participate would be to add the map in the Live! plugin. A map that regularly gets updated with the latest visitors showing up in real time on the google maps. See some ideas in:

Feel free to let us know your thoughts and post your work!

A little update on this plugin, I started developing this plugin and a early release should follow soon. If there still are certain requests that aren’t mentioned in the first post let me know.

I would really love to use it with openmaps (because it is also open source and not Google).

At the moment openstreetmap doesn’t have the the capabilities or the proper documentation that I need to make a easy implementation. Non of the Latitude Longitude data will be retrieved by using Google the only thing that Google is doing at the moment is providing the map and the nessecary API’s to draw objects on the map.

Maybe in the future other maps will also be implemented.

You can find a early beta here.

Sweet! I love beta stuff.

Muchas gracias. style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif

I also plan to write a piwik plugin that provides a map of visitor locations, but it will use a flash based map instead of google maps. I experimented a lot on flash based maps (from scratch) the last months, as you can easily see in my blog:

Last week I ported a huge map projection library from java to actionscript, which allows developers to use a lot of beatiful map projections in their flash-based map visualizations. you can check out a flash map demo here:

Last december I wrote a realtime visitor visualization prototype (by that time I didn’t knew piwik yet). you can see a video of the prototype here:

So I would really like to contribute a nice looking map plugin for piwik!

Here comes the big BUT: Firstly, my free time for working on the plugin is very limited (i’m a student, freelancing developer and father of a 9 month old child) and secondly I had some trouble getting through the piwik plugin api.

My question is if there is someone willing to help me out with the php/plugin/piwik stuff so I can focus my work on the flash/map/visualization part. Maybe we can define some clean and easy data interface (say xml, json or csv) on top of which I can develop the map visualization swf.


Gregor, it sounds like a great project! I hope you can find people to help you. Do you plan to draw the world/continent maps? Would it be possible to do “video replay” flash animations to show the traffic pattern across the day?

I would really recommend to post this to the piwik-hackers mailing list (see, more Piwik devs are there.

Have a good look at the Google Maps API terms and conditions.

As far as I know you can use the Google Maps API free of charge only in freely available websites, not in closed websites and applications.

So I think it might make sense to check this in detail.

Renelux was interested to work on maps drawn in SVG, see ticket in:
Maybe you should work together on a unified plugin?

See also:

I’m sorry if this is a stupid question, but I created my API key. I added it to the config.ini.php, and I created the maps folder in plugins and activated it.

However, I’m getting:

Initialization failed: please check the API key,
swf location, version and network availability.

When I open the maps live page. Did I miss a step, or do something wrong?

Currently running 0.6.2

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