Map and Geographic Reference Enhancment

i’m a Joomla and Word press user for my clients, friends and basic projects…

#1 i love your Project… THANK YOU FOR CREATING SOMETING ALTERNATIVE and INDEPENDANT of service providers

Map and Geographic reference

I use to use (no hate here please) firestats free edition… one of the features the owner and myself liked was the ability to click on an IP and or USER and know about or aprox where they were with more detail even if it wasn’t 100% accurate.

Would it be possible to add GEO PINS to the map? when in zoom or a way to link to the GEO MAPPING open source libs to reference possible locations…

THIS IS ONE OF THE ONLY things i have seen that we liked in firestats … YOUR PROGRAM SURPASSES everything else and all expectations… and i use them on QNAP installed with a QPKG and upgraded … works flawlessly

multiple sites, domains… easy to use… and flexable

Any increase in capabilities will only strenghen your position and i feel you have a winnig package


This is one the improvements we hope to have soon, after GeoIP is in core Include GeoIP in core after improvements · Issue #1823 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

YES :slight_smile: … awsome… thanks.

another note… or comment

would thier be a way to revers the SEO against actual data.

for instance lets say we entered or somehow were able to enter in a KEY WORD LIST and then tested the SEO effectivness of penitration as compaired to the actual data to the words use and reverse test the actual data against the site for more practical fine tuning?

any thoughts i know this should be a second subject but just curious

(This should be a separate post…)

It sounds like you want split A/B (or multivariate) testing and being able to graph the trend for a keyword. These features could be built as plugins, but aren’t on the 1.x product roadmap.

Zoom on Map and some pins would realy great for your produkt
Would suggest that live Views and logged views show in a differnt collor or a anim Gif .
Some nice example of IP resolving could be found by Mike Challis who worte the WP Plugin Who is online with Map just as inspiration
At the moment the world map is useless as most user would need a regional view of the Map .
Hope it will come soon , very nice work so far thanks a lot