(many) Annotations are gone


I am not able to find any annotations before 2015-11-01 (this is the date of the first entry). But there have to be much more entries from the time before. I’m not sure, if my apparent first entry “deleted” all the other or if there was an update before. My piwik version is 2.16.0.

I was not able to find any annotation entries in the database, because I don’t know where to find them.

Any ideas?


select * from piwik_option where option_name="1_annotations";

thank you. the query works.

but i think they are gone. all of them. just the few annotations i wrote since 2015-11-01. that’s annoying. :frowning: i’ve not deleted any data on my own.

no other data was lost during the update(s). :-((

You can always try to restore the data from mysql binary log.

i’m not able to find them. i really don’t know why they’re gone ;-(