Manually update translations from repository

I’m using v.2.4.1 at the moment (I haven’t found the time to update to 2.5.0 or maybe I’m waiting for 2.5.1… who knows?) and I see that the console command provides these options:

  translations:compare                   Updates translation files
  translations:createpull                Updates translation files
  translations:fetch                     Fetches translations files from oTrance to tmp/oTrance
  translations:languagecodes             Shows available language codes
  translations:languagenames             Shows available language names
  translations:plugins                   Shows all plugins that have own translation files
  translations:set                       Sets new translations for a given language
  translations:update                    Updates translation files

Is there a way to manually update the translations from the repository? I know that each new release does not automatically include the latest translated strings from the repository, instead the developers must include them manually and create the new release. So, does the console command provide such a functionality?

translations:update would locally update the translation files (which requires an account on our translations server).
But be careful with doing that. When we remove translation keys they are also removed on our translation server. Doing an update on an older version would then remove translations for that key locally.