Manual conversion help needed


Ive been using piwik for a few days now and im very happy with it.
Im no programmer of technical person when it comes to php or javascript stuff. As piwik provides some codes automatically like the tracking, it doesnt do that if you want manual conversion tracking.

It does have plugins for wellknown shoppingcarts, but what if you have a setup for 2 products on a cms website?
I have created a very basic clickout page that goes to a specific url and in that clickout page i want to add the conversion code.

Google does that exactly by providing the code, but in combination with its analytics, and thats not what i want.

So, can i set this up, and how do i do that?


(i also the url builder for this campaign, but all shows a big ZERO)

great, i report 2 spam messages on the forum ,but i dont get help while other topics get a reply…
thats fucking great.

Did you look at Ecommerce Analytics - Analytics Platform - Matomo?

We only have limited time so please be patient when not receiving a reply immediately.

Thank Fabian, but im in the dutch timezone, so from my point of view im waiting long…and a bit more as Matt somewhere said…“usualy within a few hours”

Yes i checked all that ecommerce is on, i use image tracking, the url builder…nothing!

On my site i have a button people can click on, it goes to So when a visitor arrives at that page it should be tracked right?
I have even the javascript in there as well…, but still nothing.

Im using Joomla and the yireo plugin…that all works, but keeping track of a simple click seems to be impossible…

you’re being rude, that wont help!