Manipulating Matomo Database with php?

Hi there,

I have Matomo On-Premise on my server and use it for a Wordpress site (therefore not the Wordpress plugin, because I need to use widgetize)

What I basically want to do is to add a reset-button on the frontend of Wordpress to delete all statistics of this site.

How can I address the matomo tables from wordpress side without hardcoding host, db-name, etc.? Like I can do inside Wordpress with

global $wpdb;
$delete = $wpdb->query("TRUNCATE TABLE " . $wpdb->prefix . "someTable") or die(mysql_error());

Is there a way to connect similar to Matomos DB?
I need ta connection to the DB to do

DELETE FROM matomo_log_visit WHERE idsite = X;
DELETE FROM matomo_log_link_visit_action WHERE idsite = X; 
DELETE FROM matomo_log_conversion WHERE idsite = X; 
DELETE FROM matomo_log_conversion_item WHERE idsite = X;

Thank you. Any help would be great.

not that elegant, but I simply phrase the ini file from matomo:
$ini_array = parse_ini_file($matomopath . “/config.ini.php”);

Thank you