Managed Hosting

I try to found managed hosting which provide Piwik. I just find one :

If you know more thank you for sharing!


Hello, ?

You know you can install piwik by yourself as long as your server meets the requirements ( Piwik Requirements - Analytics Platform - Matomo ) ?



is what I use. They have a simplescripts installation option. If you do a search for a discount you might be able to find hosting there for 3.95 per month.

Thank you for your responses. I know I can install it myself and it’s a good point to mention it. I precise my thoughts :

I search managed hosting to not have to think about system upgrades an Piwik upgrades, security issues…
For future, it’s definitly important the Piwik version is an official version and I can have an access to my data (to setup my own one if I need).

There is no critical info so I just want to delegate this part of job.

I found some hostings which provide it with “one click installer” or something like that, but with that way, I am not sure if I can benefit of future upgrades of application.

Please consider using Arvixe, see the link in my signature, this is the one we recommend as it comes with piwik pre-installed. Thanks