Manage Users - problem with permissions

I have the following problem: In our Piwik we have about 15 websites for different “clients”. We give to the user X permissions for 2 websites (let’s say website A and website B). For website A we give him permissions as Admin and for the website B we give him only View permissions. The problem is, that Piwik makes permissions for both websites as Admin. So when the user X changes from Website A to Website B (and inversely) he always see things as Admin. Is there a bug or something? I guess Piwik takes the widest permission (in this case Admin).

I know it’s a complicated question, so if you have any questions about it (if you need more details or sth), please do not hesitate to ask me :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance!

No that’s not the case. Please check this: What is the ‘admin’ permission in Piwik? - Analytics Platform - Piwik

Thank you, I have already seen this. The problem is if you have the same user (so 1 username and 1 password) for 2 different websites with 2 different permissions (Admin and View).
If you give to the same person 2 different usernames and passwords for each site, that is not the problem and the user can see stuff depending on what permissions he has (but he has to log in with one username and password for website A and with another username and password for website B - and that is not what I want :smile: ).

The situation of having the same user for 2 different websites with 2 different permissions is rare, but it is not impossible.
Thank you again!

As far as we’re concerned this works 100% well. So if not, let us know exactly the problem in more details…