Making changes to an existing plugin

So I just started using Piwik, seems like a great program but I am having an issue editing one of the plugins. One of the things I want to use this for it to put a live users map on one of our pages, like this. That part works fine, but i want to make some changes such as number of users, initial focus, wording, etc… I started off trying to change the “Geo-located visits of last” text to “Geo-located Voces users from the last” just to see if changes would pass through. I made this change in the plugins/UserCountryMap/lang/en.json file which is the only place that a search showed the text to exist. It has been a few hours now since the change and no update, so i am pretty sure it isn’t a cache issue.

Am I missing something when it comes to updating plugins?


I figured out what i was doing wrong with the text change. There were 2 plugin folders for some reason so that is working correctly now. I also had to clear out the cache folder. Now that is updated, and i can make changes to the Controller.php file and have it update correctly, however any changes i make to realtime-map.js are being ignored. I’ve cleared the cache a few times and added code to a few spots in the file but it still isn’t updating.