Making a Piwik blog or site?

Hi all.
This post is directed at the directors/inventors of Piwik mainly…
I was going to create a blog or site about using Piwik, like tutorials,
book reviews, etc., links, oh the whole 9 yards, you know.
Are there any constraints on using the piwik name in a site name?
Just checking for copyright’ sensitivity sake etc.
Thanks for any input.

We request you do not use Piwik in the name of the site, as it could give a sense of “official” which we prefer not to.
This is explained in: New to Piwik - Analytics Platform - Matomo
and other FAQs following.

However, it would be awesome to have you build a community around Piwik on a different website. We would even be happy that, once the site is online with interesting content, we could link from our blog and accept one Guest Blog Post from you for example! But please, we would like to wait until you are ready and happy with your site

Let me know how it goes and if we can help,