Major discrepancies in visitor actions between Piwik and Clicky

Hi all:

Currently I’m running both Clicky and Piwik on the same site. Both codes are just before the closing body tag, with Clicky first and Piwik second. Generally, my visitor numbers are pretty consistent between the two packages. However, I’m beginning to notice that Clicky will record several actions from a visitor, while Piwik will see the same visitor and record only one action, or two. The actions to which I am referring are loads of ordinary pages, and I have confirmed that the Piwik code is present on those pages. Also, Piwik does record loads of those same pages under other visits.

Can anyone think of a possible explanation here? It doesn’t seem likely that Clicky is “imagining” those pageloads…


Clicky and Piwik may have different definitions of a “visitor” and a “visit”.

Please consult General - Analytics Platform - Matomo and other related FAQs for more information.

That’s true, but I don’t think it would explain why Clicky would see, for instance, five pageloads with a couple of minutes for a certain visitor, and Piwik would see only one. I’m wondering if perhaps the two tracking codes are stepping on each other’s toes somehow?

Would you be able to provide screen shots of the discrepancies?

Are you on firefox ? Do you see javascript errors after typing-in CTRL + ALT + J ?