Mail tracking add N actions!

I am tracking the emails by pixel.The problem is that when the person opens the email is generated in matomo an action equal to the length of the action name that we passed as a parameter.

when opening the mail as the action name is “email”, in matomo we see 5 actions that are 1- e, 2-em, 3-ema, 4-emai and 5-email


I would really be surprised if this was a bug in Matomo as this is the same endpoint that is used for all other tracking.
I guess if you manually open that url (with & instead of &) it should work fine.

So my only guess is that there is some odd email client (or webmail proxy) that requests all substrings of the URL.

I have done a test but the same thing is happening to me, I leave the code and the result

<!-- Matomo Image Tracker-->" style="border:0" alt="" />
<!-- End Matomo -->


Any help plis !?, I need use the pixel tracking in my mails for the job.


Can you take a look at your access.log to make sure Matomo is really only getting one request?

I feel the delay, but it turns out that nothing comes out in the logs.