Magnifying glass instead of page views

I have a dozen sites but on 4 of them I can not see the page views after upgrading to version 1.9.
I can only see a magnifying glass for each page view.
What has happened?

Look at the attached pictures, I never happened before …

This is Internal Site Search requests: Site Search Tracking and Reporting - Analytics Platform - Matomo

aaaaaaaaah so it’s a normal thing, perhaps I preferred to see the page views in the summary, as before.

how many things you can impare! I realized that this thing only works well with drupal, not yet with wordpress … strange

Thanks so much! :)-D

LOL… maybe I understand fully :wink:

On drupal sites, piwik module option: Track internal search
If checked, internal search keywords are tracked. You must manually install and configure the SiteSearch plugin for your sites. For the setting Search URL use a value of /search and for Search Parameter use a value of query. For more information see SiteSearch plugin for piwik.