Lookup VisitorProfile widget by VisitorId or UserId


I’ve been wanting to use the Widgetize plugin to embed the Visitor Profile outside of Matomo (as suggested here Embedding Matomo Reports in Other Websites or Apps User Guide - Analytics Platform - Matomo)

What I’m looking to do is display the relevant visitor profile, in order to that I would need to pass in a parameter of VisitorId or UserId. It only appears possible to pass in the idSite and a date period - meaning we can only browse visitor profiles rather than looking up a specific visitor…

<div id="widgetIframe"><iframe width="100%" height="350" src="https://somesite.innocraft.cloud/index.php?module=Widgetize&action=iframe&disableLink=0&widget=1&moduleToWidgetize=Live&actionToWidgetize=getVisitorProfilePopup&idSite=**9**&period=**day**&date=**yesterday**&disableLink=1&widget=1" scrolling="yes" frameborder="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0"></iframe></div>

Does anyone know of a way to achieve this?
Many thanks in advance!