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I wanted to know which is the path of PHP that makes the connection to the database, I found the configuration file but not where the connection is made to the database.

In my piwik I want to enter “index.php” make a statement to the database and check if a user ID (which I receive otherwise) exists in the piwik database, if so it will return the password in MD5 and he passeth the route to “auto login” as it says here How do I automatically login my users in Piwik when they go from my CMS to Piwik? - Analytics Platform - Matomo

(Tassoman) #2

I’ve developed a SSO plugin for my organization. To learn about overriding default Login plugin, you could try reading LoginHttpAuth[/url] and [url=https://github.com/tehnotronic/PiwikLdap]LoginLdap plugins. Were both very helpful.


At the end and solve it myself, I made a fully functional plugin that detects the cookie and procedures leads to piwik.

(Matthieu Aubry) #4

@tassoman, is your SSO plugin reusable by others? if so, could be nice to publish it on marketplace :slight_smile: if not, i’m glad you managed to create it following other examples!

(Tassoman) #5

Ciao Matt, I’m not allowed to publish this plugin because of our internal policy.

But I’ve already developed another one that probably we’ll publish into marketplace by linking a github repository.

This other plugin lets you grant view privilege to all regular users at once just creating a new website. Would be useful when you have dozens of users and your policy let them all view all websites.