Long-time-reports with specific data range

Hi there,
I want to produce long-time-report over with a specific data range for Actions->Pages

After running on execution time limit 60 second and memory limit 800M, I tried to modified archive.sh to archive my wanted range:

the executed CMD is (I removed the AUTH_TOKEN):
index.php – module=API&method=VisitsSummary.getVisits&idSite=1&period=range&format=xml&date=2011-07-02,2012-02-21

running that:
Starting Piwik reports archiving…

Archiving period = range for idsite = 1…

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
Archiving for idsite = 1 done!
Reports archiving finished.

Starting Scheduled tasks…

No data available
Finished Scheduled tasks.

real 0m0.720s
user 0m0.600s
sys 0m0.128s

BUT - I cannot access to that range in the piwik webinterface.

Some ideas?