Logo overlap after upgrade



I just updated my version of Piwik with the auto updater and now the date range in the upper left corner half way covers the Piwik Logo. Is anyone else having this issue?

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

can you please post screnshot?

(John Sebald) #3

Hi, this bug occurred with me also. (001.png)
Under Windows 8.1 with IE 11.0.7.
It provides the developer tools (F12) the width of the graphics on “Auto”, it displays correctly. (002.png)
Cache has been flushed by the way several times.
This bug does not occur at 29 for Firefox and chrome 34.
Hope this is helpful.

(John Sebald) #4


the problem was now fixed in version 2.2.2 under Windows 8.1 with IE 11.0.7.
See Screenshot attachment.