LoginLdap plugin error



I installed LoginLdap module and tried to authenticate my users from ldap.
I done all my settings.
It also shows 82 users found for matching list.

But when i try to load user from ldap it gives error

LDAP search for entries failed. (Unexpected Error, ldap_search returned null)


Note: you should just use the username to load a user from LDAP, eg, just “tejas” not “uid=tejas” in the form.

The error is an LDAP configuration issue, for example, in some ActiveDirectory setups, anonymous bind is allowed, but anonymous search is not. You can use the following command to get more detailed debug output to help figure out what is wrong w/ your specific LDAP server configuration:

/path/to/php /path/to/piwik/console loginldap:synchronize-users --login=tejas -vvv