Logging for sharepoint site no longer occurring

In past we’ve been able to track hits through our SharePoint site, we have full access to add the JS code to our site header through SharePoint designer.
However, we migrated our site from RHEL5 to RHEL6 server, we’re running 2.17.1 Piwik, and we have 5 sites, all but the SharePoint site is working.

I’ve been combing through every space I can think of including:
Adding the code again (after deleting other code)
Looking in the conf files (/etc/httpd/conf.d/) and /piwik/config/*.ini.php files, checking any PHP issues (since in the migration we did upgrade our PHP version to 5.6.26) and removing all the code and adding it back in location by location seeing if it triggered anything.

So far, no luck.

Any ideas?

The issue was the SharePoint:ScriptBlock included the bit runat=“server” and being in the which already included the runat=“server” bit so SharePoint was trying to comment out the JavaScript code. Once removed, and after about 25 minutes, logging started showing up again.