Logging content-views without logging a visit


I would like to use Piwik to track content impressions for a website that is not actually loaded (like an embedded video from this page). When embedding this media-item, the Piwik Tracker for the origin site is also loaded and set to track content impressions. This works flawlessly, except for one thing: Whenever a content-impression is logged, also a “visit” without page-views is logged for the original page. Since the real page was not visited and only one item belonging to this page was externally shown, I don’t want to handle this case as a “visit”.

Is there a way to track content impressions without logging a visit? Like setting up the JS-tracker with a specific option to disable auto-logging of visits?

Thanks in advance for any help!
Best regards

Hi Jonathan,

It’s not possible currently, as content tracking requests will create visits. feel free to create feature request explaining why it’s important for you: Issues · piwik/piwik · GitHub