logger_message[]="screen" gets added to config after run of cron/archive.php

I’ve noticed a few days ago that Piwik dumps log output on screen in the browser and found that config/config.ini.php contained “logger_message[] = “screen””.

After removing this manually, I’ve found it to be added later again and now I believe that it gets added when cron/archive.php runs and processes any data (and therefore produced log output).

My guess is that the archive.php script changes this setting and it then gets saved when the config object gets destructed.
This might be related somehow to 301 Moved Permanently (“config.ini.php gets written on every request?”).

Are you using SVN trunk? this might be a bug from Config class refactoring · Issue #1713 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub
please post your feedback in this ticket if you’re using SVN trunk.

Yes, I am using SVN trunk, but my trac.piwik.org account is still broken / cannot be reset.

Therefore, please forward this information to the ticket yourself.

Thank you.

this should already be fixed in trunk.