Log in error after updating to 2.3 - debugTrackVisitsInsidePiwikUI

I recently updated to version 2.3 from 2.2.1 but when I go to log in I get the message Variable “debugTrackVisitsInsidePiwikUI” does not exist in “_piwikTag.twig” at line 3

I’ve tried re-installing the files but continue to get the same error.

A few weeks ago I updated from 1.11.1 to 2.2.1 where it has been running pretty smoothly. I thought this variable could be old as it could be lingering from our really old installs. Is there a way to fix this as we re-installed it 3 times, each time grabbing the latest download from the website to ensure nothing was corrupt while transferring the files.

please make sure the file config/global.ini.php was updated to the last version? Also check all files are correctly uploaded and overwrote your previous piwik files

I thing the error is coused by plugin Zeitgeist. This plugin is not in the new install, so can’t be overwritten as Matt proposed. I removed this plugin from the directory piwik/plugins/ and the error was gone.

Updating from V 2.10.0 to 2.11.2 - Variable “debugTrackVisitsInsidePiwikUI” does not exist in “_piwikTag.twig” at line 3 happened.

I did the auto-update to get to version 2.11.2.
When going back to login the error occurred.

I FTP’d back into the server. I RE-uploaded all files manually for
version 2.11.2
Went back to the login page and the error was still there.

Searched the forum and FOUND this suggestion to REMOVE
the Zeitgiest Plugin.
I FTP’d back to the server. I downloaded this plugin
first as a backup to the local computer and then I
deleted this plugin from the servier with Piwik installed.

Going back to the login page and YES indeed the
login page appears as normal. Logged in and
version 2.11.2 is operational as far as I can tell.
This means at this point no errors and the Piwik dashboard
is available.

I then went to the Administration tab at the top and
clicked on the Plugins option on the side menu.
I scrolled down to the Zeitgiest plugin and Removed it here also.

Thanks Ko de Pree for your fix information.