Log in basics

I am not clear on the log-in procedure. I have installed Piwik on my server and set up two websites running stats. I can log in as admin ‘super user’. I then want to create users or customers so they can view their own site stats. I made a user with view permission but when I go to log-in as them I get this message

Error: You can’t access this resource as it requires an ‘admin’ access for the website id = 1.

What am I missing?

Is there a separate log-in url?



Viewers have the same login URL.

Setting permissions to users requires to steps. First you have to add the user and then set the permissions for this user. Do you still have an user with admin role for site 1?

I got on a different computer and logged on as a user I created and it worked fine … both with admin and view only set.