Log import interruption question

Second question: is there a way to either remove partially imported data so I can start all over again with a particular dataset, or if I try to re-import a set, will there be duplicate entries?

What’s the difference between lines parsed and lines recorded… are the parsed lines the only actual ones that had been imported into the database?

I had a server hiccup in the middle of one of my imports, so it dropped my connection and stopped processing the one logfile, and I’d like to pick it back up without too much data loss or data overlap, if possible :slight_smile:

It’s not easily possible yet, but we could add the feature

After poking around and seeing what had been saved to the database, it turns out that none of the data from that particular log had really been processed, so I reran the import of that particular logfile, and I have normal numbers for that time frame, no missing days or days with abnormally high visits (from duplication of data).

Not sure if that was a side effect of my process being killed when my connection was dropped or not, but on subsquent data runs, I’ve been putting the process in the background, so it’ll keep running even if my shell connection is dropped again while I’m finishing this up.