Log Analytics tool to track only specific static files

I’m wanting to use the Log Analytics tool on a site I have that doesn’t run any javascript. There is one page that has some static files for download and I want to track that, but I don’t want to track every static file that gets downloaded.

I see in the FAQ that there is a way to exclude specific log lines. Since the files I want to track are only on one page, example.com/downloads.html, is there a way I can exclude tracking of all of ther static files? Or is there a way I can track only specific static files?

I can see in import_logs.py:

    'gif jpg jpeg png bmp ico svg ttf eot woff class swf css js xml robots.txt'

    '7z aac arc arj asf asx avi bin csv deb dmg doc exe flv gz gzip hqx '
    'jar mpg mp2 mp3 mp4 mpeg mov movie msi msp odb odf odg odp '
    'ods odt ogg ogv pdf phps ppt qt qtm ra ram rar rpm sea sit tar tbz '
    'bz2 tbz tgz torrent txt wav wma wmv wpd xls xml z zip'

Is it possible I could change the settings of one of these two blocks to only the filetypes I want to track? The files are all ebook format, so the type doesn’t appear anywhere else on the site.