Lock Privilege to update?

Unfortunately i am not allowed to grant any privileges to my DB with my actual provider (OVH in France)
My question is simple : Is there any chance that i can upgrade to 1.8.2 without the Lock Tables privilege?
I’m using 1.7.1 and it works fine, my website receives about 500 unique visitors per day.

With OVH you should be able to, I run with OVH servers and mutu with no problem with 1.8.2 can you please double check?

Thanks for your reply,

Unfortunately, OVH confirmed that Lock privilege is off with no possibilities to change it (MUTU).
They, of course, redirected me to purchase a dedicated server or VPS :slight_smile:
Well, i am happy with 1.7.1, so it doesn’t really matter.

That’s really worrying that it is disabled in OVH. I myself am dedicated OVH customer . Could you please tell them to contact the Piwik developer at matt@piwik.org who is OVH customer and would like to know why LOCK is disabled. It should not cause any issue in the case of Piwik and if we don’t have it, it causes problems with concurrent archives. thx

we are also considering in a new version NOT require the LOCK privilege, see ticket: Piwik should not require mysql LOCK privilege so more users can enjoy Free Web Analytics! · Issue #3204 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

please post a comment in this ticket if your web host does not allow LOCK privilege and you can’t use Piwik!

Hi all,

+1 for considering a new version not requiring LOCK privilege.

Like barnabe, I’m using OVH France, and am not able to use Piwik anymore since the 1.8 + update :frowning:
So the choice is between re-installing 1.7.1 version, or buying a dedicated server…

So, yes, please create a Piwik version without LOCK privilege !