(ihaveanewname) #1

I have installed the GeoIP plugin. When I go to Visitors>Locations it says:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method Piwik_PluginsManager::isPluginEnabled() in /var/www/vhosts/www.mydomain.com/httpdocs/piwik/plugins/GeoIP/Controller.php on line 11

(michaelc) #2

Hi ihaveanewname,

The plugin has been fixed, please use latest version available here: http://dev.piwik.org/trac/ticket/45

Hope this helps!

(ihaveanewname) #3

uh oh! I deleted this plugin (.1) and uploaded the new version (.4) and I forgot to deactivate it first. When I logged back into piwik i saw a bunch of errors and realized what happened. so i downloaded .1 again and replaced it on the server, and i can’t get into piwik at all:
Fatal error: Can not call constructor in /var/www/vhosts/www.mydomain.com/httpdocs/piwik/plugins/GeoIP/GeoIP.php on line 20

can i manually deactivate somewhere?


(michaelc) #4


Yes, you can disable this plugin manually in ‘piwik/config/config.ini.php’ file.

(ihaveanewname) #5


I’ve removed geoIP from the config file, and I was able to get back into piwik fine.

I’ve placed the newer version (.4) of GeoIP in the plugins folder, but the piwik plugins page still lists it as .1 and it won’t activate it. When I click activate it remains inactive…