Local search engine detection for keywords


I have several CO.UK websites. With traffic mainly coming from google UK and yahoo UK and some other European countries the keyword URLs show with .com extension like…



Could this be fixed in a future release so we know what local search engine (Google UK, Google Germany, Yahoo UK, etc) a visitor is coming from?


I am curious, Would the search not come from the UK version of domain or is this european ips searching google.com

ie xxxxxxx - Пошук Google


Piwik always give links to google.com in both the search engines widget and the keyword widget.
I think that the devs have choose to make things like that.
When you go to Visitor > Visitor log, you get the right search engine TLD.
In the database, the referers that are search engines are logged with the correct TLD.

I would have suggested them to let us choose wich Google flavor we prefer Piwik using, but that would be the same.

I think that since for a given keyword people can use any TLD of Google and that Piwik only list each keyword once…
But, no.
When we clic the keyword it show a list of the search engines.
I dont know then what keep them from making it list each of Google TLD that have been used since it’s in the database.

(vipsoft) #4

The dev decision to aggregate by the search engine provider (instead of by URL) is a tradeoff between database size and archiving performance.

The level of detail can be extended via a third-party plugin. Here are some ideas in order of increasing database usage:
[li] Aggregating by TLD (e.g., .com, .ca, .fr, .de, …) then keywords
[/li][li] Reporting by the original URL. (e.g., google.com, google.ca, google.fr, google.de, …) then keywords
[/li][li] Aggregating by TLD (e.g., .com, .ca, .fr, .de, …) then a subtable by original URL then keywords
[/li][li] Aggregating by country of the search engine (requires country to be data added to the lookup table if not obvious from the TLD) then a subtable by original URL then keywords


And what if i would like to simply make Piwik open google.ca instead of google.com ?


A workaround (at least it works out for me) is to edit the searchengines.php file (in piwik/core/datafiles) and add the local versions like

www.google.co.uk’ => array(‘Google.co.uk’, ‘q’, ‘search?q={k}’),
www.google.fr’ => array(‘Google.fr’, ‘q’, ‘search?q={k}’),
www.google.ca’ => array(‘Google.ca’, ‘q’, ‘search?q={k}’),

ca.search.yahoo.com’ => array(‘Yahoo! CA’, ‘p’, ‘search?p={k}’),
uk.search.yahoo.com’ => array(‘Yahoo! UK/IE’, ‘p’, ‘search?p={k}’),