Local mountain lion os x install permission problems


I’m trying to install piwik in a local OS X development environment but am running into permissions problems.

here is what the install error message reads:

Piwik couldn’t write to some directories.

Try to Execute the following commands on your server, to allow Write access on these directories:

chown -R www-data:www-data /Users/me/Sites/project/piwik
chmod -R 0755 /Users/me/Sites/project/piwik/tmp
chmod -R 0755 /Users/me/Sites/project/piwik/tmp/templates_c
chmod -R 0755 /Users/me/Sites/project/piwik/tmp/cache
chmod -R 0755 /Users/me/Sites/project/piwik/tmp/assets
chmod -R 0755 /Users/me/Sites/project/piwik/tmp/tcpdf

The first line above doesn’t work - Terminal tells me:

chown: www-data: illegal group name

The second command worked, but the rest didn’t as the directories weren’t yet created. I created them then re-ran the commands and those all worked.

Any help for how to deal with the error I get from running the first command above?


You need to use the user and group that your local web server is running. www-data is an Ubuntu related one, maybe some other OS’s as well, but its not OSX related.

Perms go like this


If memory serves me correctly on OSX you should do something like this

 sudo chown www:www file.name 

Don’t forget the

sudo chown -R www:www file.name

if you need to recursivley change.


Thanks vwyoda!! Problem solved. Can’t wait to start using Piwik.

(Zeeshan Aslam) #4

@vwyoda I got what I was looking for. Thank you so much. You are awesome. :grinning: