loadingPiwik error

Loading data...
Oops… problem during the request, please try again.

Have you an ideea why this error appears?
Oops… problem during the request, please try again
The error is all the time now…
Thank you

is there reply to this?

Not yet. I still wait…

Can you see something in the error log?

I added these 2 lines

logger_message[] = “screen”

in config.ini.php
and I have this line as response

[2011-09-05 13:57:50] [99dc2c17] [1.93 Mb] End FrontController->init() - Request: array ( ‘module’ => ‘CoreHome’, ‘action’ => ‘index’, ‘idSite’ => ‘1’, ‘period’ => ‘day’, ‘date’ => ‘yesterday’, ‘piwik_auth’ => ‘login=…:token_auth=…==:_=2525f2478179a91ebb62ff2459f193bbb3ab9d54’, ‘language’ => ‘fr_FR’, ‘osCAdminID’ => ‘d01d370fc49488a51464cf4c5d717a54’, ‘_pk_id_1_ead7’ => ‘9b1c3fa572fb96f6.1308746576.17.1315216260.1310390286.’, ‘PIWIK_SESSID’ => ‘0a2d8d67f88306b630909d94636ce30b’, ‘PHPSESSID’ => ‘62eb0404393d99fd93c7fcbaa21030d6’, )

but doesn’t seems to be an error.

and then i have this on the page

Chargement des données...
Oups ! Problème rencontré durant la requête, veuillez réessayer.

Sorry I wasn’t clear in my previous message - I mean please check your webserver (apache?) error logs, there should be something in there because the ajax request is failing (maybe because of memory issues or timeout?)

I think I have the same problem.

I have checked all my IIS log and nothing special.