Load piwik tracking after document ready?

(Dennis) #1

I have the problem that my header slider is waiting for my piwik domain tracking.domain.de to load. So my question would be if it is possible to load the tracking code after all the other javascript. I also have google analytics on my page which seems to load much faster. I always see “wating for tracking.domain.de” which is my piwik code…

(Dennis) #2

i tried to add $(document).ready(function() to the piwik js code, but it seems that the piwik.php is not requested anymore. :confused:

(Matthieu Aubry) #3

Hi there,

yes it’s possible to load the Piwik JS code after all others. it should work fine.

(Dennis) #4

Hm, but my tracking code for the start page is not working anymore :confused:
I also see in the details, that the piwik.php file is not requestet.

(Dennis) #5

can you give a code snippet maybe, which should work?