Live Visits Not Accounted For

When I get many visitors within a short period of time, Live stats doesn’t reflect all of them. I know this because when I click “Dashboard” to reload all widgets, the Live Widget then shows all those that were missed. What is going on here? I’m on a shared server if this helps find the cause.

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Anyone?? Real-time is not so Real-Time at my end and probably for many thousands of future users of Piwik. If my host is slow, surely there must still be a way for piwik to show the missed ones within the Live Widget even if its later on in time since it doesn’t miss any of them in the Visitor Log? It can miss a dozen in a row or more… basically not showing them in the Live Widget until I refresh the widget? What can do this?

Sure, I get lots of traffic, so does that mean that Live Widget won’t compute correctly on high traffic sites?

Live refreshes every 5 seconds by default, you can change it here:

Still getting skips when comparing to Visitor log, please refer to my suggestion here: 301 Moved Permanently

Update: I set it at 1 second and its much better… I’ll test further…

2nd Update: Seems to have fixed the issue partly, but still live skips.

3rd Update: Not fixed, I still get entries in Live Widget not showing in the visitor logs! It happens when I get burst of high traffic within short periods of time.


4th Update: Live! seems to be functioning great now after I made a few adjustments in my core PHP settings. I can attribute the few skips I am having now to server performance which was confirmed to me by my hosting provider at the times I got the skips. My server at times is loaded to a point where nothing moves at all…