Live Visitors Pages with temporary internet files link

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Hi there,

i have a question to the pages displayed in the live visitors widget.
since tonight i have several visitors with direct access to some of my wordpress articles. what i don’t understand is the URL behind the page they visited.

Here is one example:


How is it possible that the displayed url is out of the temporary internet files of the visitor? This happend six times today, with different users.

thanks, below

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An example would be where people are saving a copy of your web page to their desktop.

We’re discussing how to handle this in this thread:

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i think its really strange that more than one visitor at one day enters the page out of the temporary internet files directory. and the first time i saw this was last night.

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Perhaps your visitor has a dynamic IP?

In any case, you might want to consider using the forced redirect code that I posted so that users are always viewing the live site.

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This was my first guess but the username in the directory path is different every time.