Live visitors are shown multiple times

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I have the following problem:

The Live Visitors Plugin shows some visitors several times (duplicate entry up to 6 times the same). It obviously counts them only once in the end and they also have the same visitor nr, but it is kind of annoying and I was wondering what the problem could be. I added a screenshot in the attachment.
Also I was wondering why some visitors seem to be missing (i.e., I can see visitor 291, 292, 293 and then the next is 295).

Also - again very strange - Live Visitors shows around 290 visitors for a time period where in the dashboard and basically everywhere else in Piwik it says that I had 116 in that time. How is that possible? Is it a bug/problem with the database or something or normal or what is going on? style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/blink.gif

Thanks for your help!

/edit: I am using Piwik 0.6.3

(jr-ewing) #2

thank you for the screenshot. I will look about the failure

(sudeep) #3


I am too facing the same issue of multiple enteries for a single user, any suggessions/help would be deeply appreciated.


(brandi) #4

Good to know that I am not the only one having this issue. I hoped an Update could solve it maybe but I just updated my Piwik to 0.8 and the problem still exists.

(burlysac) #5

I am guessing that

  • query that gets visitors is not grouping results OR
  • query is grouping but is including a field that is unique

(Eukaryota) #6


sorry to reanimate this thread, but with release 1.5.1 this problem still exists for me.

Sometimes a visitor is shown twice per LiveVisitor-entry, with total duration of 0 seconds.
Sometimes a visitor is shown twice successively in separate LiveVisitor-entries, with duration of 0 seconds each.

And alas, it’s not only a LiveVisitor problem: Each visit (even the duplicates) increases the statistics.

Maximum count of duplicates seems to be one.

Kind of annoying…

What information do you need for testing? Screenshot? phpinfo.php?
Maybe it’s this quick-hack thing mentioned in the signature?

Kind regards from Germany