Live Visitor Log (Widget) is often ordered incorrectly and stops updating


Matomo-Version: 4.8.0

The live visitor log (the widget on the dashboard) recently started causing problems (I’m using Microsoft Edge Browser on Windows 10). When the Dashboard is loaded, everything is fine. However, when the first updates of visitors come in, in many cases (strangly not always) the order of the visitor log is getting incorrect. Older entries suddendly move up to the 2nd or 3rd position. When I reload the page, the Dashboard is fine again (correct order) but very soon, the disordering happens again.

Another issue (maybe related to this one) is that if I open Matomo in a bowser tab and then open another tab and show a different web page or do something entirely different (working with another application on my PC for some time) and then return back to the tab with Matomo, the live log is not updated any more and when I wait for a while, the new visitor updates are also not ordered correctly.

Is there a know issue with the live update and maybe Edge browser? I have not experienced any of these issues in other browsers so far…


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There is this one:

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