Little help to create a widget

(mcgiant) #1

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to create my own widget to display specific information.
I look the plugin “ExamplePlugin” but there is just simple information displayed…
Does someone got a little tuto showing how to create and display some information ?
a list with 4 column (date, nb_visits,nb_visitor) ?
Is it possible to create a widget which call an API and display the API information ?

Thanks everyone !

(rschilt) #2

Have you looked at the code for some of the other example plugins? Eg: ExampleAPI and ExampleUI. Also, you might like to check out Piwik Developer Documentation

(mcgiant) #3

Hi rschilt,

Yes, i looked the examples (plugin, API, etc.) but they don’t display information about the statistics. I would like a simple example which will display statistic like “Actions/Pages”. I think i just need the way to select information from the database and display it like the others information (table, graphics, etc.).

(rschilt) #4

Sorry can’t help you any further. Hopefully one of the other forum members will assist. In the meantime you might like to provide as much detail as possible about what you are trying to do. This always helps those that assist.

(mcgiant) #5

You’re right rschilt.
I think this post could help other piwik users to create a simple widget which can display statistic tables customized.
In fact, i would like to make a table like the one which is in “Actions/Pages”, but with others columns. I hope to be understood… style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/mellow.gif

(c3chong) #6

Can you explain specifically what data you want to display? From the OP it looks like you want to display a row for every user who visited the site and the number of times they visited the site.

It’s difficult to advise you when you’re not specific about your requirements. If you don’t want to nail those down, your best bet is to browse the Actions plugin and see where you can inject the additional information you desire.