[List] Feature Request for Piwik

I am not sure if adding all the below features would be possible or not. However if they are added, it could significantly effect optimization process for site being developed by anyone using Piwik.

1. Search Term Linking to Search Result Page

Along with the list of Keywords/phrase, it would a good addition, to have Search Engine link be updated, so it links to search engine result page. As many a time users like to see where their site is ranked.

2. Popular Pages and Directories

Mainly for sites with large number of pages and directories/sub-directories. It would be great to a list that will display top directories and top pages. This can enable site admin to understand popularity of site content in further details.

3. Remember Admin Settings/Display View

I like tag cloud idea, however from busy admin’s point of view, it would be ‘extremely’ important to enable the system to remember admin settings. For example instead of ‘display normal data’ or tag cloud’ I personally prefer to view ‘Display more data’. As even though other options are good, Display more data provides the best info. However even though I change them, system resets them when I revisit the page.

4. Commutative stats of all sites.

Even though admin interface allows the ability to have multiple sites, it does not display Commutative Stats of all sites on one page. Like in PhpMyVisits.

5. Stats view: Day | Week | Month | Year

Please revert this setting to like in PhpMyVisits. As having the links visible all the time ‘do’ make a difference and saves admin lot of time by not having to make extra clicks - which could be easliy avoided.

6. Keywords analysis by search engines & entry page

Keywords by Major Search Engine along with Entry Page by from each search engine.
Extremely important feature. This output can allow admin understand sites traffic flow and enable them to optimize landing pages to convert visitors into cusomters.
Crawltrack.net is using same features in their stats.

7. Tags being used at Social Networking Sites

Social Networking sites have become major spots for discussion and also traffic. So tags being used at such sites, could be very helpful.

8. Referrals from Social Networking Sites

The way there is a list of Search Engines, it might also be a good idea to have list of Social Networking sites and direct URL of the referral pages, from where the click was generated.
As far as I know, right know there is no major stats tools, that have this option as a separate feature - would be great to see Piwik be the first one.

9. Number Pages indexed in Search Engines and Number of Back Links (updated weekly?)

If possible, please add this feature - can enable user to be more effecient in their SEO process.

10. Detail report about error pages

At crawltrack.net/crawler/index.php?navig=22&period=2&site=2&crawler=%2Fcrawler%2Findex.php&graphpos=0 I noticed they are having an extensive error report page. This can be an excellent feature addition for Piwik.

11. External Referral Domains Whois

Direct Whois Link for each referral Domain.

12. PR Check for Referral URL/Page & Domain

Direct Link to PR Check for each referral URL and Domain.

13. Referral Domain Backlink Check

Direct Link for backlink check for each referral URL/Page & Domain.

14. ClickHeat

At Logaholic.com they are having an interesting features of Page Analysis & Visual Analysis. If you can look into this, it would be a good feature addition.

15. % of Total Visits :: Very Important

This option was there by default in PhpMyVisits and would be a great addition in PiWik too.

% value for screen resolutions out of total.
So for example, output will have additional column, which will display which resolution was used by what

% of people from total calculated. Same % count for OS, Wide Screen, Browsers, Configuration, Country, Providers, Visits per number of pages, Keywords, Search Engine, External website … etc…

I understand it is available under Pia chart, however under pie chart it is visible only on mouse over. Even though it is a nifty feature, a serious website who digs into their stats often to understand visitors, would find it little bit time consuming to have to mouse over every pia chart and than having to remmeber it while working on updates or doing calculations for site changes.

Many of these features can easily be under the section like SEO or just within existing sections.

If you guys can add these features… please please please do so. It would be very much appreciated.

Thank you again.


Try to avoid wish lists – lists make it hard to track the discussion of individual features.

BTW I recognize some of these from Trac. If you can search Trac for existing tickets, we can avoid regurgitating topics.