Links other site detection (partaner, owned, ...)

Hello, can you detect and short outlink and inlink by:

  • if site is registered for monitoring on web site (if monitored is and then fill outlink and inlink as internal trafics)
  • if site is registered as partner (link in phpmyvisites) have group for separate view than other incoming visitor and than other outlinks.
    Thanks to improve the soft with my 2 request.

I don’t quite follow. Maybe an example would help me to understand.

Piwik does track outlinks and inlinks. You can also force an inlink to be treated as an outlink. See

If you want to track landings on your partner pages, then you might want to look at Piwik campaigns or goals.

Yes I want mybe use campaigns, but I don’t found options nor docs on it.
But I want 3 view on referers -> websites:

  • From my website (but without js add because my web site si frequently add or removed, then I can edit the tracker on all web site)
  • From from my registred frendly site for trafic exchange
  • From other

NB: I don’t see like in phpmyvisites overall stat (statistics for all website)
NB2: It’s not serious that’s stat of one site show as outlink the same site