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I have been using Matomo (Piwik) for some time and have a number of site I am tracking, all of them appear to be working correctly. I have recently added a new site, and all of the entries are marked as ‘Direct Entry’ even though I have tested by linking from Google.



Can you check in your browsers developer tools that document.referrer is set to the correct URL (google)?

Does the site use HTTPS? Because when a user visits a HTTP site from an HTTPS site, a referrer is never sent. (by design of HTTPS)

Not sure what you mean about the document referrer in the browser, surely that would be the same for all sites? All sites are https and have been added to Matomo as such?


After clicking on the link to your site on google, open the developer console of your browser (F12) and enter document.referrer into the javascript console.
It should show the referring site (in this case google)

OK yes, it comes up with google

What I find confusing is that I have 11 sites, all built by me in the same way, with the Matomo code added in the same way. 10 of them correctly show links from Google, and one doesn’t!

Hello Lukas - do you have any other thoughts?

If the correct Referrer is sent but doesn’t appear in Matomo, I can’t think of a reason why.

If you wan’t to, you can send me the link to your website, but I can’t promise I have time to look into it.

Hi Lukas


This was really quick to debug.
When I google for “relaxpuglia”, Google shows me a http link. (And therefore no referrer is saved)

There seems to be a HTTPS site, so I’d recommend you to set up a redirect and wait till Google crawls the redirect and links visitors to the HTTPS site.

OK I will do that. Thank you for your help

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