Linking goal value to event value


I am having a few issue with my goal tracking. I have one product which has different prices - I have used trackGoal to capture this and it works completely fine.

The issue is now that I wish to add a funnel to this goal - but if I do this it will limit the total number too. Furthermore, I wish to add several different funnel but all have the same end goal “Sale”.

In order to do this I would have to duplicate the goal “Sale” and add a funnel - and repeat the process again if I want a different funnel with the same goal.

This is not an option as I cannot duplicate the goal through Tag Manager (it is located in the production code)

I tried to avoid this by adding an event to the goal tracker - but the goal value doe not get linked to the event goal.

I can see the total revenue by clicking on the event, however when I go to the different funnels I ca only see the number of costumers that triggered this event and value = 0.

Does anyone have ideas on how to solve this?

Best Sejla