Link visitors before/after login

Hi there.
I’m using User ID option and there is some question about it.
According to FAQ, “In the case where a person connects to your website and is not logged-in (User ID is not set) then a new visit will be created. If the visitor then logs-in your website and has a User ID, then all requests from this User ID will be recorded in this user’s visit”.
The problem is that this is two separated visits with no connection to each other so I can’t determine source or campaign of logged-in clients.
Is there solution how to merge this visits into one or how to track source of logged-in client?

Hi Duck, I have to update the guide because we changed this behavior, now it should assign the whole visit to this user after he logs in.

Can you confirm this works well with Piwik 2.9.0?

Hi Matt,
Looks like it works only for first visit:

  1. Visitor goes to website. First visitorID creates.
  2. Visitor creates an account and logging in. Whole visit updates to the second visitorID
  3. Visitor do log out. New visit with first one visitorID.
  4. Visitor do log in. Visit splitted now to first one visitorID and the second one.

@duck I havent thought of ity et, but if you think this is a bug please create an issue on github as we can discuss it there more efficiently :slight_smile: T