Link users' apps with dedicated Piwik profiles

(Paul Knaggs) #1

Before I go ahead I always like to know if my expectations are within the bounds of possibility so if anyone who can make sense of what I want to achieve can give me advice I would be very greatful.

At the moment on my main site users create an account from where they are able to populate a web application with content. The content is passed using rest to a web app template under a subdomain called “” the xxxxxx represents the unique serial number for the user the entile thing is rapped in a syphony frame work.

The serial triggers the rest to populate the app with the sql content from the users account.

From the users account page at the moment they are able to see analytics data relating to that page using Google analytics api, I intend using Kiwik because I like the control and layout much better.

I want to swop this out and use Kiwik so the user can track their individual page from their account on the main site.

Will it be possible to show the relevant app page to the user by using admin token for automatic login.
What tracking code would I use for the app template.

Sorry if i am not articulating this very well but here is the crox, can I track the app and show the data to the relevant user?

(Kuba Bomba) #2

Yes. Just remember to create a new account for each profile/user in Piwik. You can create new accounts via API. It’s important to keep the token_auth secure, as it allows others to log in. Each account should have access only to one profile in Piwik.

It will be always the same tracking code with one exception - SiteID, see:
_paq.push(['setSiteId', XX]);

(Paul Knaggs) #3

Thanks very much for your reply!